Consulting Services

Armada Solutions offers many years of expertise in Staffing, Human Resources, Information Technologies and Marketing.  We can help you analyze, implement and manage any related project. Our knowledgeable consultants are ready to assist you with your next venture.

Our Staffing services offer solutions for both Employers and Employees. We help Employers quickly and efficiently find the best talent for their company.  Employers are able to concentrate on what they do best, while Armada screens and presents only the best candidates for the position.

We help Employees with interview and resume preparation. Our knowledgeable staff will review your resume and offer advise for improvements.  We will further evaluate your background and provide you with potential positions that fit your skill set.

Additionally, we help Employers with a variety of professional services. This includes HR Consulting; we will asses your HR status and provide you with best advise on how to make improvements and stay compliant with Government regulations.

Other professional services include IT Consulting.  Our IT Experts will evaluate the Employers needs and provide the best solution for the project.